Ultrabook dla firmy – na co zwrócić uwagę?


In recent years, we have been dealing with the dynamic development of the market in the field of mobile devices. Consumer demand is increasing, and traditional computers are slowly becoming history. Today, mobility, functionality and handiness are important, that’s why laptops have been very popular for a long time.

Consumer electronics manufacturers wanting to make our lives even easier, went a step further and introduced netbooks. However, their small possibilities contributed to another revolution. In 2011, the American company Intel launched the first ultrabooks. What is an ultrabook? What parameters does it have? Who should use it? You will find the answers to these questions in the text below.

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What is an ultrabook?

The Ultrabook is a light, thin and efficient mobile computer and is a new installment of traditional laptops. The aforementioned Intel imposed on computer equipment manufacturers specific guidelines, the fulfillment of which qualifies the device as an ultrabook:

  • light weight and have the lowest possible weight (no more than 2 kg)
  • small thickness up to 20 mm – 23 mm (depending on the screen diagonal)
  • long battery life (min. 6 hours) and maximum energy saving
  • quick exit from sleep mode (max 3 – 7 seconds depending on the equipment generation)
  • SSD or hybrid disk (SSD + HDD)
  • at least 1 USB 3.0 port
  • modern, attractive design and solid build quality (e.g. aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy)
  • optional touch screen

Of course, these guidelines change depending on the generation of the processor used. The Ultrabook has small dimensions, good technical parameters (in compact components), is efficient and quietly works. It does not have a CD / DVD drive and number keys.

Very convenient and comfortable to use, especially during a trip or business trip. Each ultrabook is designed to support Intel Anti-Theft   – remote data protection.

Ultrabook for the company

The device is ideal for companies. Ideally suited to business meetings and during business trips. They easily fit in hand luggage, are lightweight, have an elegant appearance and performance, thanks to which you can work freely and have access to network and entertainment resources. OfficeJet 3830 Drivers

Before buying, it is worth paying attention to several important issues:

  • battery life: a good model can work up to 14 hours without charging
  • processor and RAM: for free operation (on several programs or tabs in the browser) it is worth choosing a model with a minimum memory of 8 GB
  • internal memory: it is worth buying a model with SSD (256 GB), which ensures fast work and access to data (if necessary, data can be stored on an external disk or in the cloud)
  • efficiency: battery life is extended thanks to energy-saving components. For demanding tasks (e.g. editing graphics or movies), it’s a good idea to choose a model with a more powerful processor (min. Core i5)
  • screen and dimensions: as standard, models with a 11-14 inch display are available, and the optimal resolution is FullHD – the higher the resolution, the better the quality (even on smaller screens)
  • additional data security: module supporting encryption, biometric recognition, fingerprint reader, processor card reader, docking station connector

The Ultrabook for business is premium class equipment that has adequate performance, ergonomics, ports, remote network connection and solid build quality. In addition, the prestige of the device is demonstrated by its elegant design.

The downside is the high price (about several thousand zlotys) and limited expansion options. However, if you run a business, you often work out of the office, you move all day between meetings, it is worth considering investing in this modern device. Printers Drivers

Convertible Ultrabook – what is it?

The convertible (hybrid) ultrabook is a combination of a traditional keyboard with a touch screen. The screen can be tilted backwards or disconnected completely, and the device quickly turns into a handy tablet. The only difference is the larger size and weight.

It does not have mobile software (Adroid or iOS) but a Windows system on which computer programs are installed. The hybrid is intended for users who want to have a mobile computer with better functionality. They work well in business, because you can adapt them to different situations, such as working outside the office or effective presentation.

It is a perfect combination of the performance of a traditional ultrabook with the mobility and tablet’s multimedia. Although sometimes convertible ultrabooks are perceived as a catchy marketing trick, they are an interesting solution and are gaining a growing number of followers. Manufacturers do not idle, so new and interesting models appear on the market. Hp driver printer

The Ultrabook is a mobile computer that works great in business. It is light, has small dimensions and elegant design. In addition, it is characterized by performance, reliability and energy efficiency, which allows the device to work for hours without charging. Perfect for traveling away and during meetings with clients. If you value comfort, convenience and functionality, invest in a device proposed by Intel.


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